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The MILS mailing list is a public mailing list for discussions of Multiple Independent Levels of Security (MILS) architectural approach for security and safety, MILS components, MILS implementations, MILS research, MILS use-cases, real-time separation kernels, MILS evaluation and certification, MILS testing and vulnerability, and analysis of MILS systems. Please note that posting is subscriber-only and the list archives are public.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is MILS?

MILS is a high-assurance security architecture based on the concepts of separation and controlled information flow. The MILS architectural approach is all about decomposition of system design into well-understood components and their interactions with the target to achieve composable security and composable assurance for the designed system.


What is the MILS Community?

The MILS Community is a global international, open membership, not-for-profit technology consortium that will become the leading competence network on MILS architecture and technologies.


Why creating the MILS Community?

Established by the FP7 EURO-MILS project and supported now by the H2020 certMILS project, the MILS Community opens an opportunity to

  • Align MILS-based development with European industrial needs
  • Leverage the knowledge on developing trustworthy environment in critical domains acquired during project,
  • Share the approach for using formal methods during the high-assurance certification,
  • Extend the use of MILS-based devices to other domains than avionics and automotive
  • further investigate MILS business, legal, and social acceptance


Who are the members of the MILS Community?

Members of the MILS Community are academia, technology providers, system integrators, and users.


What are the objectives of the MILS Community?

The objectives are to lower the costs of development of MILS-based products, to lower the costs of certification by supporting certification by design, as well as to lowering the costs of system integration.
The Community wants to increase the level of assurance of mixed-critical integrated systems that are building parts of many critical infrastructures as well as "connected things" deployed in the Internet of Things.


What are the activities of the MILS Community?

The MILS Community is supporting its members with services and products to use MILS in industrial products sustainably.
It is lobbying to promote new standards such as Protection Profiles and technical guidelines.
It creates a broad knowledge and expertise in MILS architecture and technology to accompany product development throughout all stages.
It assists members in complying with legal requirements, safety and security standards.
It fights for the interests of MILS Community’s members, connecting with other communities and standard organizations.


On which subjects does the MILS Community work?

The MILS Community works on keeping MILS technology open for all potential users and developing further guidance, technology, tools, models around the MILS architecture.


What provides the MILS Community?

To its members, the MILS Community provides services to use MILS architecture and technologies in industrial products and manages technical working groups where experts carefully work on various specific aspects of MILS.
To help designing and developing MILS-based products with a high level of safety and security assurance, the MILS Community provides technology, tools, models, use cases, demonstrators, …
The MILS Community organizes technical meetings twice a year to allow discussion between its members and dissemination.